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Package 2 GC Product Bundle
Package 2 GC Product Bundle
Package 2 GC Product Bundle
Package 2 GC Product Bundle
Package 2 GC Product Bundle
Package 2 GC Product Bundle

$489 Package GC Product Bundle

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Package 2
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  • Mastering the Art of Follow Through – 12 CD Set
  • Persistence What It Really Means – 6 CD Set
  • Self-Esteem Discovering the Perfect You – 6 CD Set and 24 Page Supplement Guide
  • Lose Fat, Stay Full, Never Quit – 2 CD Set
  • Don’t Let Other’s Rent Space in Your Head – CD – 6 CD Set

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[accordion-item title="Mastering the Art of Follow Through - 12 CD Set" ]
If you are like most people you have Dreams. Ideas. Goals. Things that you have always told yourself you will do – lose weight, change careers, learn a language – yet these dreams, ideas, and goals have never materialized. Do you know why?

Session 1 CD 1

Before we set goals we must first learn to identify any thought or pattern that may slow us down. Here are only a few samples of what to expect in CD 1.

Session 2 CD 2

Beginning with session 2, you will review each evaluation question from the previous session to see how well you did and determine your strengths are weaknesses.Session 2’s first evaluation is “How much of a Never Give Up attitude do I possess?” Next I will start showing you how passion will play a role
in your success.

Session 3 CD 3

Session 3 continues assisting you to identify your passions. Do you know how to identify your passions? Our passions are like a fire. If they are not fueled they will go out. In this session, you will learn to identify your passions and more importantly how to keep them lit.

Session 4 CD 4

Staying focused and on track is a must in attaining our goals.Mastering the Art of Follow through this session you will look back on your evaluation and see how focused you really are. You’ll learn and develop techniques that will keep you very focused and on track of whatever you goals are.

Session 5 CD 5

If we are easily controlled by external stimuli we will be very wishy-washy in our results. This is better known as the yo-yo syndrome. You start something, and then stop – back and forth, back and forth. You’ll learn to master the most effective way to prevent this from happening by not letting “other people or things rent space in your head.”

Session 6 CD 6

Developing a healthy view of oneself is vital for a happy and successful life. If we haven’t created the proper perceptions we’ll consistently feel that we have to be accepted by other people.

Session 7 CD 7

Each of us is the sum total of our life experiences. Some are bad and others are good! At times, if we are not careful, we tend to only focus on the negative aspects of our lives. It is almost natural to feel this way.

Session 8 CD 8

I am a firm believer in the importance of helping other people. How and what you do to help others makes a difference on how fulfilled you feel. You learn what it takes to make your life more fulfilling just by applying a few simple ideas that I share with you in this session.

Session 9 CD 9

Some people, when working toward their goals, may begin to feel uncomfortable with their success. The next step for many is to self-sabotage their success whether it is large or small. They may ruin everything that they’ve worked for because they may feel they no longer deserve it. The principle of why this happens and how to control it is covered in this session.

Session 10 CD 10

Perhaps the number one factor that slows us down or stops us from attaining our goals is FEAR. Whether it is fear of rejection, fear of failure, or fear of success. These fears must be controlled if we are to be effective at making our goals a reality. I am going to go over some specific step-by-step ways on how to accomplish this. In this session, I will share my four-step process as I apply it to handling the fear of success. This process can also be used to master other fears in your life that you want more control over.

Session 11 CD 11

You will note that throughout the previous sessions I slowly started introducing specific ways to set your goals as you first master your evaluation on Session 1. In this session, you will conclude the 9-step process that I have developed for setting goals. You’ll be given detailed instructions that will give you the results you want as you master your evaluation, while at the same time setting your goals. This session asks a lot of thought provoking questions and gets you to reevaluate the way you look at yourself, your life, relationships and how you set your goals.

Session 12 CD 12

This session is a time for review. This is the CD you’ll want to pop in every few months just to make sure you are on track. As you are reminded of what each session was about, go back to the specific sessions that you might need more than just quick reminder on. This way you will continue to Master the Art of Follow Through!
[accordion-item title="Persistence – What It Really Means!"]
I am sure you will agree that if there is one key ingredient to being successful at anything, it’s being persistent. What I love about being persistent is that you don’t have to be smart or have some
special talent.
CD 1
I will start off focusing on two key points in this session. The first is what you can do to maintain a persistent mind set and how to continue improving in this area.
I will focus on a key benefit that being persistent will give you. Once you have this mastered you will see results immediately.
CD 2
To continue to be successful at anything it’s important that we maintain a level of drive and enthusiasm. This is incredibly important.
CD 3
If you don’t have the right mind set while trying to be persistent you could be setting yourself up for failure. I remember when the thought of being a failure used to consume my thoughts. Who wants to keep moving forward when they feel like a failure? I know I don’t!
CD 4
Have you ever said something like, “When it rains it pours”? Sure you have! This is a sure killer to any persistent attitude you might have. Do you ever hear people saying statements like this when things are going their way? Certainly not!
CD 5
One thing that used to make it very difficult for me to move forward was the fact that so many things I tried seemed to fail. Nothing ever seemed to work for me. I wanted to figure out a way to stop these thoughts and feelings from controlling me.
CD 6
We can often feel as if we are the only one going through our own individual problems, causing us to feel lonely and lose drive.
[accordion-item title="Self-Esteem Discovering the Perfect You - 6 CD Set and 24 Page Supplement Guide"]
I have been very fortunate in my travels to meet many people from different backgrounds. These people often ask me questions about improving their personal lives and although they are from different backgrounds, they all seem to be experiencing feelings of inadequacy that seem to be controlling their lives.
It was those many conversations that encouraged me to create this program to teach others how to master their negative thoughts and feeling – and do it quickly. Through my Four Step Process, your thinking and behavior will begin to change after learning the tools on the first CD alone. This is the same four step process
I use to assist millionaire CEOs, athletes or those I bring up on stage at my live seminars.
One of the most powerful parts of this program is the opportunity to listen to two real one-on-one live consultations I conduct. These individuals have been through some incredible tragedies in their lives and you will see how they applied the principles taught in the program to create change. You will also learn how to apply the methods shared to any area of your life in order to achieve greater results.
Have you or do you know anyone who has had any of the following feelings of inadequacy either presently or in the past?
I’ll never be as good as so and so.
I don’t deserve to be successful.
I feel guilty when I spend money or time on myself.
I’m not pretty enough.
If I am successful, people will judge me or think less of me.
I always sabotage my success with relationships, work, etc.
I can’t have my cake and eat it too.
I have to live up to others expectations.
I don’t deserve to be loved.
I don’t deserve better.
I can never do anything right.
No one will notice or care if I better myself.
I am to shy. What I have to say to others is stupid.
No one likes me.
I can’t say no to others.
My ideas are no good.
I deserve it. (Physical, mental or verbal abuse)
I don’t take compliments well.
I’ll never amount to anything.
I’m dependant on others.
I can’t.
I am a failure.
I am stupid.
I am not worthy.
I have to do things for others to feel liked or loved by them.
I have to achieve things so as to get recognition.
Well, have you? Have you ever had any of these thoughts before? I’ll be the first to admit it! I certainly have. We can have so many negative experiences in life that we can become consumed by negative feelings and emotions. If we are not careful these feelings can begin to control our lives.
For example, when I went through my divorce I felt that I couldn’t do anything right and I felt a huge loss of self worth. Since I allowed these negative experiences to affect my behavior, I felt like a failure and slowly began to self-destruct my business until it was ruined. Then, I felt like I would never amount to anything. It just got worse when my father was murdered and my uncle was killed in a plane crash.
I know you can relate to thoughts of your negative experiences consuming your energy. During this program you will learn how to master and change those feelings of inadequacy and, more importantly, do it quickly. Now, go Discover the Perfect You!
CD 1
CD 1 is power packed. I waste no time in sharing with you my four step process, which you will use to change any negative behavior or thinking. I have used this same process on millionaires, athletes, volunteers at live seminars, and many others to create lasting change – and it will work for you too!
The first area of discussion is to gain an understanding of why we have good intentions toward attaining our goals but do not follow through on them. This will create a solid foundation on which to make all the necessary adjustments in your thoughts and feelings.
The first two exercises that I will share with you will enable you to identify exactly what is controlling your life. These will consist of both positive and negative things.
The third exercise is to begin analyzing the thoughts that do not benefit you. Once these are discovered you can learn how to get rid of them. You will then connect any past experiences to your analysis. You’ll discover some “ah ha” moments in these exercises for sure. To create lasting change, you will engage in a follow-up evaluation process so that you can track your improvement.
CD 2
This is where the fun really beings. In this session, you get to work with the actual mechanics of the four step process. Lasting results will be right around the corner once you have the process mastered.
Together we will choose a specific feeling of inadequacy from the first session and, using the four step process, learn how to reverse or eliminate that specific negative thought. Once you learn how to change one feeling of inadequacy you will have the knowledge to change the rest of them. That’s the different between me showings you how to catch a fish and teaching you how. One concept is temporary while the other lasts a lifetime.
Some people believe you have to hit ‘rock bottom’ in order to make lasting change. My explanation of this will change your perception of what it means to hit ‘rock bottom’ and how an improper understanding of this concept can be very dangerous.
You will also learn why it is not beneficial to focus on changing your results. While this may sound like an oxymoron, you will see why a focus on the end result allows for temporary results, if any at all. You will then identify both positive and negative behaviors that you use to reward your beliefs. This discovery will play a major role in obtaining quick and lasting change.
CD 3
This session will take you to the next level. It’s time now to put what I taught you from the previous session into action. This is where we start testing your new four step process.
I am a firm believer in mastering the ability to play games with our minds instead of our minds playing games with us. This is exactly what you are going to do as part of this session. It’s control time. It’s time to control how you think instead of other things or people controlling it for you.
One of the obstacles to making lasting change is our focus on past experiences. You will learn how to avoid reliving past experiences. This concept alone will give you lasting results.
CD 4
By now you will have already learned the entire four step process. Since repetition is the mother of retention, I will give you yet another example as we walk through the steps again.
We will choose one more of the feelings of inadequacy from the first session. This will give you the opportunity to practice and make sure you’ve learned how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
It should be quite obvious to you that much of this program focuses a lot on changing your thoughts. You are going to gain control over your thinking by converting negative thoughts into positive thoughts using the four step process. You will no longer be controlled by someone or something else.
CD 5
At this point in the program you have learned all of the necessary tools required to gain your desired results. Since this program is aimed at changing behavior in order to obtain results, I want to take this a step further. I want you to listen to real people that have real world challenges.
Here you will find a great benefit of this program – the opportunity to listen to two full consultations. These cases involve women who have been abused. Though your challenges may be totally different from theirs, you will gain a deeper understanding of the processes I have shared with you. You will gain even great insight on how to use and apply your new tools. You will also see that this program can certainly be applied to many different areas of life.
One particular note of interest is that you will hear about a young lady that had been on medication for over seven years. After one personal consultation with me she was able to overcome her need for medication and is still medication free to this day. This program is that powerful.
I am not telling you to stop taking your medication. That would certainly be something for you to decide with your medical doctor. I do, however, know that for every thought you act on you get a result. If you change the though, you WILL change the result.
CD 6
While you have learned how to change your feelings and behaviors, moving on from negative experiences and past tragedies is certainly not easy. Anger or guilt that we store internally can prevent us from moving ahead and destroy us from the inside out.
I am going to share with you another process that will help you heal quickly. I view this process as one that will clean up any negative emotions that remain after experiencing tragedy or emotional pain. You will feel a tremendous weight lifted off of you after you complete this exercise.
This session doesn’t stop there. I will share with you three simple ways for dealing with a bad day. After completing this entire program you will then experience the freedom of having emotional control over your life because you have Discovered The Perfect You!
Designed to show the listener how to identify things in their past that slow them down or limit their progress in anything in life (past problems like not feeling worthy or deserving. Easily being angered. Uncomfortable with being successful. Often we can have an incident happen to us as a kid or teenager that affects our ability to become more successful as adults.)
People who don’t feel that they have a self-esteem issue benefit from this program as well because Gary shares his four step process he uses to change any negative behavior or thinking.
You actually get to hear Gary conduct two live consultations as he works step-by-step through his four-step process (one lady who after 7 years on medication quit after this program — the program is that powerful.) We are not encouraging that people listen to this program to get off of medication, but as Gary puts it, ‘For every thought you act on you get a result.” So if you change the thought, you change the result.
Learn how to change feelings of inadequacy such as, I don’t deserve to be successful, I don’t deserve to be loved, I feel guilty when I spend money on myself, I am not worthy and any other negative feelings can be mastered through the use of this program.
[accordion-item title="Lose Fat, Stay Full, Never Quit - 2 CD Set"]
Know which foods increase your ability to burn fat. How to get motivated to start a diet or exercise program. Control your emotions, moods and energy by the foods you eat. Diet without starving. Gary’s easy and fun 10-step system to goal setting. Learn the secrets to staying committed to your diet or exercise program. Understand why many end up weighing more after dieting than when they began. Identify how much.
You should eat with Gary’s enclosed nutritional plan. Learn to calculate how much fat, protein and carbohydrates you should consume with Gary’s four step plan. Discover how to create positive associations to eating right and healthfully. Vitamins, Supplements and minerals – do you really need them? And much more!
[accordion-item title="Don’t Let Other’s Rent Space in Your Head – CD - 6 CD Set"]
“Forget results, forget motivation, forget positive thinking,” exhorts Coxe. “That sort of thinking only leads to a kind of yo-yo syndrome and prompts individuals to seek out quick fixes, leaving them ill-equipped to deal with the failures we are all certain to experience.”

Instead, Coxe shares his Four-Step Process that seeks to “rewire the brain,” breaking our addiction to easy gratification and replacing it with a richer level of emotional control and a greater appreciation for the process and journey of lifes.

Coxe’s proprietary process emphasizes the need to: acknowledge counter-productive behaviors; confront limiting beliefs; replace them with empowering beliefs or thoughts; and formulate an extensive history or list of the positive experiences resulting from this new belief system.

  • Don’t just let things that bother you slide. Eliminate the things and people that rent space in your head so you can use that space for thoughts that are helpful and productive.
  • Develop a strong attitude before you need it. Build mental toughness. Be “on stage” no matter how you feel, recognize you can be more completely in control of your feelings & emotions.
  • Depending on where you are in life, positive thinking may be counter-productive.Eliminate irrational optimism so that you can reach your goals more quickly and speed your healing time when confronted with inevitable losses.
  • Depending on where you are in life, positive thinking may be counter-productive.Eliminate irrational optimism so that you can reach your goals more quickly and speed your healing time when confronted with inevitable losses.
  • Use a mentor or even a pessimist when reviewing your goals or business plans;they’ll help you see things you may have overlooked because of your optimism.
  • Take your journey to the next level by helping people in need along the way.Through his own triumph over adversity, Coxe, has learned that the real key to success is learning how to keep going in spite of problems and challenges. While motivation is an important step along the way, according to Coxe, true progress comes from correct, consistent action and motivation alone can lead to action but not necessarily correct action.

[accordion-item title="The Selling Advantage" ]
Here's what awaits you:

  • Don't focus on the results
  • Tips on getting to the Next Level
  • Take control
  • The difference between a journey and a destination
  • How to stay focused
  • Balance your life - and be more fulfilled
  • How to "fill your well"
  • Learn to keep from burning out