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You Make Me Feel

Self Esteem Activities: #10


I wish to share with you 4 words that if used together can produce chaos in your emotions and certainly can ruin your self-esteem.


Way too often, when we use words or terminology such as this we don’t consider responsibility for a way we feel. For instance, and I do not mean this arrogantly,  there is nothing you are able to say to me that’s going to make me really feel stupid. Let us say I have carried out silly issues, I am performing them now and I’m certain I’ll do something silly in the future. But even though I’m attacked for performing 1 thing that might be silly, I know overall as an individual I’m not silly. So you are able to assault me but I am not likely to stroll absent considering or feeling, “You make me really feel stupid”.

Now if I did, that’s a problem between me and me.
And I’ve got to figure out what to do when somebody says something to me that I don’t feel inadequate or unworthy of.

So watch out for those four words.
When you say you make me feel, you’re giving control to somebody else and not to yourself
Be careful of that and when you master that you’ll be able to take more control and lead your feeling as supposed to being a slave to them


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