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When My Feelings Are Not in Harmony

Self Esteem Activities: #9

When you think about it in a day to day basis, we are so prone to be a slave to our feelings and not be able to lead them. And you stop and think about all the things that happen to you and all negative emotions that you have and how we respond to them. Maybe we say things that we When My Feelings Are Not in Harmonyshouldn’t be saying or get angry with somebody or whatever it is.

Here’s a tool or technique that I encourage you to adapt. It’s basically a belief or a statement. And it goes like this. “When my feelings are not in harmony with my goals, ignore the feelings”.

Ignore feelings? Absolutely! I’m not talking about huge, deep-seated issues here. I’ll give you a simple example. You have to go to work every day, are there times that you don’t feel like going work? Of Course! So when your negative feelings which is not to go to work is not in harmony with you goals (to go to work), ignore you feelings! How do you ignore you feelings? Get off your butt and go to work! So you actually apply that principle and didn’t even realize it.

Now why can’t we apply that in other areas or in other times in our lives? Let’s say you have a feeling on inadequacy, self-esteem issues or lack of confidence and because of that if you’re not careful you reward that lack of self-confidence, and when you do that do you get results? Absolutely not! Now if we go back to applying what we did to go to work when we didn’t feel like it. You ignored the feeling and you go!

So if you feel inadequate about something or there’s a self-esteem issue or lack of confidence, apply the same principle. “When my feelings are not in harmony with my goals, ignore the feelings”!

Think about those principles and when you master this you’d be surprised how often you really become consciously aware of what it means to truly lead your feelings as supposed to being a slave to them.

Again remember what the statement is “When my feelings are not in harmony with my goals, ignore the feelings”! See how many times you can ignore your feelings today to achieve success.




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