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slave to your feelings

Self Esteem Activities: #8

We have been told the most impressionable part of our lives is the very first 5 years. Do you realize that if that is accurate, that we spend much more than half of the impressionable parts of our lives becoming a slave to our emotions? So if you’ve at any time questioned why it’s so hard to guide your feelings now you realize why.  Simply because we’ve been programmed to be a slave for your emotions that is why once we try to

slave to your feelingsmanage or direct our feelings it becomes extremely tough.  One of the first things we do as humans is to cry. When we are hungry, we cry. When we wanted anything, what we did to get attention is to cry. We did this day after day, month after month, and so on until we found other ways to communicate.  Because of this foundation we are a complete slave to our feelings!

Take a deep look inside into day to day routine.  Do you have any routine behavior that makes you a slave to your feelings instead of a leader to them?  What are the things that you do that shows you are a slave to your feelings?  When you get to that stage when you are a leader to your feelings you will possess a lot more control. Taking this type of control of yourself will move to other parts of your life as well. So take the time today to distinguish the difference between being a leader of your feelings and a slave to them. It will help you blossom into your true self. Break away from being a slave, especially to your feelings.  Be a free person for yourself and never give in to being a slave to your feelings. Be the leader of you.



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