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Positive Thinking

Life is all about what you make of it. In most cases there will always be two points of view towards different situations- the positive thinking point-of-view, and the negative thinking point-of-view. But, all this will be determined by your thinking and belief. That is why in all situations you need to be smart. A smart person is one who will believe half of what he hears. Finding equilibrium is the only way you could ever find inner peace and resolve for almost any situation you could ever come across. positive thinking

But despite all this, you need to make more intelligent decisions. The intelligent person is one who knows which half to believe. For instance, when asked: is the glass half empty or half full? Do not believe for a moment that you are positive just because you think it is half full, you need to have a more realistic mindset about the scenario. In reality, the glass is still half empty. As such, an intelligent person will use positive thinking as a base to make decisions on different situations.

The thing is we all really need to be realistic in life. Well you may think you are being positive when you say that the glass is half full. But if you overlook the fact that the glass is half empty, you may end up having an empty glass in the long run. The realistic point of view is that the cup is half empty and you will need to find a way to get it to full.

It all boils down to logical thinking when making decisions about different situations. You need to have a more logical perspective of all and any situation rather than a singular negative or positive thinking stand. Logical thinking will dictate that the glass is half empty. The main question you need to be asking yourself is why the glass is half empty?

Through logical thinking, you will realize that you have a problem at hand that needs to be handled. As such, you will need to weigh both negative and positive scenarios in a more logical and positive thinking train of thought to come up with a conclusive and affirmative game plan to attack a situation rather than just taking the negative or positive thinking stance alone. And here is why.