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Paying it Forward (also: coaching/travel opportunity)

[gc-video src=”7h8R5uvxdXM”][/gc-video]

Paying it Forward. Before we get into today’s regular email/video, I want to let you know about an amazing opportunity. I have another mastermind event coming very soon, and have a couple spaces available still. Fly with me in my private aircraft to the Bahamas, see some incredible sites, and get valuable one-on-one time with me. Hear more in today’s video.

Now, back to business as usual I hope to inspire you to reevaluate how you think of yourself and others. Watch today’s video to learn how I ‘pay it forward’, and then think about ways to apply the same concepts to your own life. You’re sure to be rewarded by your own feelings from doing what’s right and what’s kind. Don’t forget to like and share this page with your friends and family.

To learn more about the Mastermind Event click here