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negative emotions

Self Esteem Activities: #7

If you had anything negative happened to you hours, days, years ago and you keep on and reliving that negative emotion, what you’re really accomplishing is you’re putting more of that unhealthy emotion in your emotional hard drive. How you look at what happened to you in your pastnegative emotions is what’s going to determine if it stays in your emotional hard drive or doesn’t go there at all. This backed up emotion will eventually clutter your mind.

Take a moment for yourself and take a deep look at the things in your past. Do you’ve specific issues in your past that you simply cannot talk about? That’s a big signal right there that the emotional hard drive is backed up. That’s something you want to consider. If you have experienced some traumatic situation that has happened for you that you simply can’t talk about your emotional hard drive may be backed up.

Why is that essential for you personally to identify these inner issues? If you do not take proper care of your issues they will likely impact you in other areas inside your life. Then in turn, make it harder for you to move forward towards progress. Think of a balloon that you have blown up and you’re just keeping below water. The pressure in keeping it under water will be difficult to almost exhausting.  The same is also with your emotional hard drive. If you keep on holding onto your negative emotions eventually you will be hard to control. You will be all over the place just like holding the balloon under water, if you decide to hold onto your negative emotions.

Experience psychological freedom and let go of these negative emotions.  These negative emotion are only holding you back from finding true happiness that is within us all.



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