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Marketing Strategies. Gary Coxe #1108

When it comes to marketing strategies the mindset plays an important role. If we don’t have the right mindset we will never have the knowledge for proper marketing strategies that can grow our business. For instance, people in sales and in business usually use excuses like- there is no money out there, the economy is bad, and such. Problem with this is that; the moment we start going down that path, we bring our business and the sales down – a very unsuccessful path.

Sometimes we need to embrace the negative and turn it into a positive. Sadly, many are not ready to go into that type of thought process and changing it to something worthwhile by looking for ways to transform the situation and make it work for them. There are several companies that took the path least travelled, used their creativity and eventually became successful. An example is this resort where I shot this video- Sandals Resort.

We are our own worst enemies; we defeat ourselves by coming up with excuses that pamper us, keeping us from moving forward. First, admit the negative train of thought and work on getting away from it, focus on what you need to do to change those negatives into positives.

What is it you need to do? Well, first, do not allow negative thoughts or comments to occupy space in your head. Figure out how to solve the problem; come up with a working marketing strategy. Be brilliant! Be creative! Avoid wasting your mental creativity on junk and trash; instead invest it on creating working ideas.

It’s easy to go to the negative part especially when things are not working out, but you just need to be more positive. Ask yourself- What is it I need to do to come up with smarter, better marketing ideas while avoiding the negative train of thought? Even when you are successful, can you still come up with smart and creative marketing ideas? For more tips, ideas, and examples on what you need to do, watch this video. 

I am now in West Palm Beach and will be traveling to Miami, Charlotte, New Orleans and more for the next month or so. I might be able to squeeze some time to visit you and your team while on your area. If you have meetings or events send us an email at officemanager@garycoxe.com.