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look at yourself

Self Esteem Activities: #2 

Are you willing to really look at yourself

I am going to share with you a most potent question to ask oneself any time you really feel unfavorable negative emotion with a person, especially if the communication has turned into turmoil or an argument.look at yourself

Look at yourself briefly and ask yourself this one simple question, Is this a problem between me and me or me and them?

For example let’s say you happen to be speaking to some loved-one and they mentioned something  to you that spurs an negative emotion.

The question now is, Is this a problem between me and me or me and them? Did you respond that way when they did not do anything or mean any harm?

Once you take responsibility to answer the question honestly to yourself dramatic changes will happen. Is this really an issue of lack of self-worth and self-confidence? Be real with yourself when answering that question. Be truthful about what isn’t operating and why. Stop generating excuses and begin producing benefits. This will be a new beginning of a healthier you.

I want you to think about that. Any time you have a negative emotion that you bring up because somebody said something or something you just imagined in mind. Ask yourself that question: Is this a problem between me and me or me and them? And if a problem between you and you if you will then you can work on solving it.

Understand this statement, “You cannot change what you do not acknowledge”. So if you’re the kind of particular person that is willing to take a look at oneself and to take responsibility of the way you react and how you respond to a situation. Then you definitely can use this question to create spectacular modifications to your daily life!


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