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Emotional Pain

Self Esteem Activities: #6

What is your tolerance to emotional pain? Thought-provoking question isn’t it?

The motive I pose this question to you is, many people have a very low tolerance to emotional discomfort. I will tell you the issue when we haveEmotional Pain low tolerance to emotional pain. We run! We run from our issues or we will do something else to attempt to relieve some of the pain as intended to attempting to handle to scenario that is was right in front of us. Many people then run to their vices like, drugs, alcohol, medication, eating, to even shopping

Essential it is vital for us to become truly aware of what our degree of tolerance to emotional pain really is. What about you? We all have to do something to alleviate emotional pain to some degree, but do you get to the point where it’s just so little that you run and change course? What about emotional pain do you run form and why do you run from it? And more importantly how is running keeping you from attaining your goals?

I also believe sometimes individuals with self-esteem problems, like low self-worth, come across issues run and hide because they ha d a lot of challenges within their past they don’t know how to handle it even now. Instead of dealing with and attempting to grab the challenge to conquer, they walk away from it. This only resolves in self defeat which in turn can become a down award spiral.

Look again, deep into your emotional inventory again and look for issues that brought on you emotional discomfort.

Do you run away from them or do you try to deal with them?

It is how you deal with your emotional pain will result on how strong you are on the inside and how your outlook in life will be.






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